Amelia Mills – North Norfolk

Amelia creates vibrant, abstract resin paintings which have a glass like finish, inspired by oceans and aerial landscape.

About Amelia

Amelia Mills is an abstract artist who lives and works on the North Norfolk Coast of England. Having grown up with the sea on her doorstep and a deep appreciation of the environment around her, this is naturally her biggest influence. Being largely self-taught she has spent many years experimenting with different techniques and developing her painting style into what you see today.  After a period of travel throughout Australia and New Zealand she has now returned home to pursue her love of painting full-time.

Amelia in her Studio

“The studio is a place where I can go to just be. Sometimes wonderful things are created in here and I leave feeling elated, and sometimes I leave feeling frustrated when “nothing has gone right”. We all have our good and bad days – thankfully this was a good day! – but I try to remember that it’s been an opportunity to learn when things haven’t worked out as I hoped. My studio is a short drive from my home which means I haven’t been able to get there as much as I’d like, but before the restrictions came into play I brought home plenty of supplies so I can keep myself creatively busy at home!”

Making Boards

I make my own boards to paint on which is ideal because I can tailor them to fit a particular space. I also like them to have a deep edge which is sanded and painted white once an artwork is finished. I tend to make up a few in one go, particularly when making smaller pieces – here is a stack of frames ready to be nailed together. It’s exciting not knowing what the future of each board/canvas holds… what will the painting look like? where will it end up in the world?”

Lockdown Painting

“For the first couple of weeks of lockdown I really didn’t feel like I wanted to do much painting. I think I was just processing it all, and I felt a bit deflated having my upcoming exhibitions and Open Studios cancelled. Once that feeling passed I got out a fresh sketchbook and have been dabbling in various techniques and trying something a bit different each day. Sometimes I just do a quick sketch of something around the house, or maybe it’s a painting using beetroot juice, or a bit of printmaking. I’m trying to use this opportunity to discover some new ideas, but at the same time not putting too much pressure on myself. For the foreseeable future I won’t be able to sell work how I’ve been used to so I’m in the process of setting up an online shop on my website so I can have a virtual space to show some of my smaller resin paintings, sketchbook art and anything else that would have been on view during Norfolk Open Studios.”