Berni Marfleet – North Norfolk

Berni creates surreal creatures and abstract scrap metal sculptures often swaying in gardens and studio.

About Berni

“Please feel free to have a look at the sculptures that I create. They are mainly constructed from scrap metal collected from scrap yards, garages, farms and bike shops; friends drop stuff at my workshop door so my garden gets quite busy with scrap metal, ready to made into surreal creatures or more abstract creations; many of them are designed to sway in the breeze outside; others are more suited to indoors.

The sculptures reflect the life around this area of North Norfolk….the countryside and farming, the sea and beaches….and the industry and economic activity here …the fishing, agriculture, railways, off shore gas and forestry.

I am fascinated by insects and birds and how they move I have been inspired in particular by the sculptures of David Smith. Bernard Lugenbuhl, Jean Tinguely especially with their use of steel and other metals and in particular the movement in Tinguely’s work.”

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