Gavin Smith – North Norfolk

Gavin mainly works on impressionistic and colourative landscape paintings and sketches in a variety of mediums.

About Gavin

Practising artist, I also teach, assist and help others as an art therapist.

I see art as a form of communications. It is an act of creating with imagination without compromise. Art is whatever the artist intends it to mean, what they are expressing and communicating through the chosen medium at the time of creation, and consequently interpreted by the viewer.

The message may not always be the same for all parties. This is what makes art so exciting. Art makes the world a better place. I believe art is paramount for our well-being. We use our right side of the brain when being creative, allowing the cognitive rational thinking left side to relax and de-stress.

I mainly pain in acrylics, I look for the colours that are hidden within the subject, enhancing them in the hope of creating a more abstract or impressionistic image.

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