Harford Manor School – Norwich

“As a school we follow a highly adapted curriculum, delivered using a thematic based approach, meaning that each half term, the vast majority of our learning links to one central topic. This provides a great vehicle for learning, which in the short term allows our students to create learning links between subjects, with learning in one area such as English being expanded on and developed using the arts and vice-versa; whilst in the long term, each new topic provides a fresh approach and avoids content becoming stale or monotonous. Each class teacher interprets the topic theme in a way that is suitable for their students, creating some truly individualised sessions and some vastly contrasting lesson content across the school. This is particularly apparent in our art lessons, as demonstrated by some examples of finished art pieces from our recent ‘World Religions’ topic, with 3D modelling, body painting, sensory exploration and even ‘living art’ all featuring in our gallery!”    

White Class – World Religions – Clay Buddhas

The Enlightened One, The One Who Knows

The White Class (Key Stage 3) students have had lots of fun making clay Buddha models. To inspire creativity we researched Buddha images from the internet, learned some key information about the Buddhist religion and ways of life, and even tried some Buddha chanting and mantras! To create the work, we first we softened the clay to make it easier to handle, then during the art session we listened to Buddhist music to give a calm meditative environment for the students to work in. This was a real sensory experience, handling and forming the air drying clay into their individual interpretations of a Buddha which can be seen in the associated images.

Blue Class – World Religions – Mehndi Patterns

During our World Religions topic, we explored the Hindu religion and looked at ceremonial art used during celebrations such as weddings. Mehndi designs are drawn onto the brides hands and arms to symbolise joy, beauty, spiritual awakening and offering. Each student had a go at creating their own mehndi designs using various techniques, first with a pencil and paper sketching designs out, then practising drawing onto a 3D surface using paint on a mannequin hand. Finally we each tried putting our designs onto our own skin using face-paints and had a go at recreating them using other materials, such as shaving foam which was great fun!

Green Class – World Religions – Rangoli Patterns

The students in Green Class made their own Rangoli patterns as part of our World Religions topic, during our Indian religions focus week. Using paper plates, glue, sequins and pom-poms, the students were encouraged to design their own patterns with a picture example shown as a rough guide. This was a fantastic activity for our pupils, as it was sensory based whilst enabling them to work with complete independence towards a positive outcome. They created some truly unique finished pieces and we loved the results!

Red Class – World Religions – Junk Modelled Churches

Red class visited different religious buildings and learnt about their shapes, similarities and differences. Then in our art sessions, each pupil made their own junk model to represent one of the buildings they had seen, either during a trip or in photo form n in their own image! We selected different boxes and other materials, attaching these together using a variety of techniques before painting and decorating them with doors and windows. 

Orange Class – World Religions – Holi Festival Living Art!

As part our exploration of different faiths and cultures during our recent ‘World Religions’ topic, we learnt about the Hindu festival of ‘Holi’ which celebrates colours! We wanted to become living pieces of art and by recreating some of the festival’s traditions, such as throwing powder paint, we were able to create some original pieces of art, splattered across the playground and our clothing, whilst delivering a truly memorable experience for every participant!