Jane Ebel – Great Yarmouth

Jane is currently making small soapstone sculptures. She’s making the waste powder into paint.

About Jane

“My paintings could be summed up as ‘doodles’ ; whereby the brain is occupied elsewhere and the hand is allowed free movement, without planning or debate regarding what is drawn, (as can happen during telephone conversations if pen and paper are handy).

The drawing and painting are two separate procedures; drawing consists of my imagination using fragments from my subconscious of all the visual information we all absorb everyday. Painting is a considered state, thought given to perspective, light, shade and colours.

My painting gives me much pleasure, I mostly use acrylic gouache that is a joy to work with, the high pigment content enables clarity and power to each colour, and it has excellent colour fast, non-fade properties.

I am a believer in using the opportunities life gives us, that is also true in painting and carving, the are no mistakes only changes in direction.”

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