Johno Cornish – Breckland

“I’m not a trained artist.  Art is something that I started to do for my mental well-being after suffering from depression and a failed suicide attempt.  Painting is a huge part of my life now and I know that when I’m creating something, it lifts my spirits and I feel exhilarated.

The unusual thing about my artwork is that I use screwdrivers instead of brushes, and a mixture of gloss paint and acrylic. I love using gloss paint as it flows from the screwdriver and gives me freedom.  I have to kneel on the floor when I paint as I have to hold the screwdriver above my work.  Sometimes I let the paint drizzle off my screwdriver and other times, if I want to be more precise, I use the point of the screwdriver as a ‘brush’. I think of my art as ‘Art of the Soul’.

My studio is in the back garden. It became difficult painting in our kitchen at home and the paint fumes used to linger, so I sold my car to pay for the studio. I use the studio every day as I feel if I don’t, I’m missing out on something.

My sales have steadily grown in the last three years and I have donated paintings to Keeping Abreast and Norfolk Blood Bikes.”