Mark Barnard – North Norfolk

Mark’s work is based on the natural environment. He often uses mixed media and process to achieve my expressive work.

About Mark

I have been a practising artist since the early 1970s. Teaching art & design and developing my own practice in my Finsbury Park studio. Three years ago I moved from Hackney, London to Bacton in N Norfolk. My new studio is in my back garden which allows me to drop in and out of it as I like which gives me so much more flexibility in my working day.

I see my work a bit like a diary recording things that I see and feel. Observational studies of landscape/seascape is more often the starting point for a series of works. Colour and texture are a fundamental elements of my work. I always work on several pieces at the same time, so that the creative process is shared across the work. The work develops over a period of time. The surface  composition builds up in layers of material. Sometimes I just sit and look at the work in progress to determine what I do next. I work on canvas, mdf board and paper. Although my most resent work has been using them together on a single work. Another resent development has been to use aluminium silk screen frames as an additional support for my relief pieces.

The range of materials I use is quite extensive, acrylic paint, PVA, copolymer emulsion, marble powder, sand, saw dust, beads and found materials.

The photographs relate to my current series entitled ‘Looking Glass Series’ as is essentially about self reflection. I call these works visionscapes.