Sarah Allen – South Norfolk

Sarah creates still life paintings and mosaics.

About Sarah

“From an early age I was driven to draw, paint and make things.  My first formal attempt to study art was a life drawing class, and while my four children were young I started an art degree programme.  After a year, I became fascinated with sculpture and changed course to study ceramics for three years, specialising in figurative sculpture. I then worked as a ceramic sculptor and in galleries, workshops and theatres before taking a break from working in the arts to teach law at UEA. 

Since taking early retirement, I have rediscovered my passion for colour and initially started working with mosaics, using pebbles, glass and old discarded china to create something unique and new.  Looking to progress and develop as an artist, I picked up my brushes and started painting again.  Still life painting is a relatively new departure for me and I combine collage and paint to create texture, colour and depth.  I also love to paint directly from life, using oils to capture natural colour and light.

I hope to return to ceramic sculpture in the future when I have more time, and can find the space for a new kiln.”

Sarah’s Studio

Tea Time