Teena Vallerine – South Norfolk

Teena is currently working on little still life paintings using ink line and wash, combined with acrylics.

About Teena

“My studio was created in a converted summerhouse at the bottom of our garden. It’s a well insulated space with north facing windows, and bright indirect light throughout the day. It doesn’t have a water supply, so I have lots of jam jars filled with water which works fine. I surround myself with an ever changing collection of the things that inspire my still life paintings; old books and prints, shells, and matchboxes, and endless stacks of old china and linens. When I paint I usually listen to audio books, and my favourite time of day to be there is from early evening, often into the wee small hours. It is my haven, and I enjoy the quiet and solitude. Open Studios was an opportunity to share my space for a few days, to talk with other art enthusiasts, and to make connections with other artists in my area.”