Tom Cringle – Broadland

Tom is an East Anglian landscape and seascape painter. His work is contemporary, impressionistic, working mainly in acrylic or oil.

About Tom

Born in Norfolk in 1972, Tom works predominately as a painter using oil or acrylic.  He is self-taught and has now been exhibiting and selling work for over 20 years.

Tom loves to paint the large skies that are seen over the beaches of Norfolk and Suffolk.  In particular he likes to paint on big canvases which allow as much sky to be seen as possible, as well as showing the wide and beautiful beaches that stretch along the coastlines he has visited and seen.

Tom now paints many landscape types, from low lying water meadows to rocky mountains. He loves to travel and always likes the challenge of painting new places that he has not seen before. In recent years Tom has also developed smaller paintings looking at figures in the landscape, particularly those working on and around the sea but also looking at the narrative of figures in towns and cities.

He is a great advocate of ‘plein air’ painting and sees working outdoors and sketching as an vital part of looking and studying the life around you. He argues it is the best way to understand what is happening and getting in to the soul of the environment you wish to record. He has taken part in many open air painting events and has won several awards and recognitions for is work.

Tom also believes that observing what is around you, by sitting drawing and painting what you see can be a very mindful practice that should be open to everyone. He now teaches in 2 prisons where he runs groups that either work on the basic skills of drawing and painting and also classes that teach how to be expressive and gestural as an artist.

He plans to take the skills he has learnt in the prison groups and run art classes for charities and other organisations. Amongst these groups is the ‘The Big C’ charity in the UK.

Tom has had many exhibitions over the years, both locally and further afield. He has collectors and buyer of his work both national and internationally.

He is a member of the East Anglian Group of Marine Artists (EAGMA) which is a group regarded for their marine and nautical art and paintings.

Tom is generally found outside with his easel or working in his studio, which is based at his family home in Norfolk, England.

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About Tom’s Online Classes

“I have been busy filming free video tutorials for those self isolating and whilst in lock down. We hope that more people watch the videos they may be encouraged to pick up a pencil and get drawing.”